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Hope of Life...Afiq

21 April 2014

For every Like/Share You Give You Are Saving a Kid's Life by Creating Awareness to the Ministry of Health Malaysia. About: Afiq is enrolled in a special school for kids with special needs. He is a very active boy and enjoys playing football and badminton with his friends. Symptoms & Physical: Afiq Luqman was born as a normal healthy child, or so his parents thought. However, at the age of two, signs of Hunter syndrome became visible. He had an abnormal physical appearance, growth delays and joint stiffness. In addition, he also has difficulties in hearing and eating. Diagnosis & Treatment: At the age of four, his conditions had gotten worst forcing his parents to take him to the hospital. It took many tests and trips to the hospital before the doctors concluded that he has MPS Type II or Hunter syndrome By that time, he is already six years old. Afiq’s family could not afford the high cost of Enzyme Replacement Therapy (ERT) treatment but they are determined to do whatever they can to find a cure and also financial assistance from anyone that can help.

Please click here to see Afiq story....

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