4 babies Pompe with different races is saved at the early stage.

They are Nor Aryan Mikail (a one-year-old boy), Lim Yi Bei (an eight months old girl), Caitlyn Ooi Xuen En (2 years old girl) and Swathi Nisha Nair (a nine months old girl). All babies have been diagnosed with Pompe disease. Pompe disease is a single disease continuum with variable rates of disease progression and different ages of onset. First symptoms can occur at any age from birth to late adulthood.

In 2017, our association decided to save these babies through Enzyme Replacement Treatment (ERT). Their progress is much impressive and you can see on our FB page. However, the ERT treatment only lasted for few months. All babies need continuous ERT treatment for their whole life. We appealing those who read to help us save these babies and all other children so that they can live longer and as healthy as normal children. Click ways to support to donate or you can contact us.