A 10 years old boy live in Kuantan, Pahang. Ardi's first symptom of MPS VII became apparent at the first year of his life. His head appearred to be bigger than other children his age. He has a slightly enlarged tongue (macroglossia) causing him loss of speech. Ardi started to have growth retardation problem. He became very unstable on his feet. He is also suffering from frequent respiratory difficulties and shor pauses in breathing during sleep. He was diagnosed at the age of three. This syndrome is progressive condition that affects most tissues and organs. It causes children to be born with hydrops fetalis, in which xtreme amounts of fluid are retained in the body. He has yet to receive any treatment as there is no meddication available at the moment for this type of disease. However, in December 2017 Ardi has received his first trial drug from US, Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Company. This drug is first in Asia! It is worth waiting, praying and hoping that one day he will be like before, playing, talking and running. We also thanked KEMENTERIAN KESIHATAN MALAYSIA, the doctors and nurses that help Ardi along the process. It is a bless for Ardi's parents, Zabidi Ali.