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Hope of Life...Yusof

I assume that the Malaysian Government is aware of the minority patients of MPS in Malaysia. If the right amount of attention and proper observation is not provided, more of such patients would be abandoned in the future.
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Hope of Life.... "Fatin"

The mom hope Fatin to be successful in her life and to achieve her dreams!
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Hope of Life.... Ammar

Today 28/2/14 is the World Rare Disease Day, MLDA decided to celebrate this special day by launching our project on Hope of Life
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~Every Little Smile~

This video was compiled and edited by Hew Li Ping in conjunction of the MLDA Charity Dinner @9/11/12.
We hope 13 children(as at Aug 2013) will be save as soon as possible without further delay as LSD disease is life threatening.
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A Tale of 2 Girls: Their hope, Their dreams, Their future.

MPS VI or best known as Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, is a debilitating disease that affect 1 out of 340,000 children globally. For this children , it is a life long struggle and also pose danger as it's a life threatening diseases.
Sharing with all of you a tales about 2 girls in Malaysia awaiting for Enzyme Replacement Therapy, the soonest they get the treatment, the better chance they will survive. Please share this video as much as you can to raise public awareness and to show your support to their treatment, a simple Like will do. Thank you very much.
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I am Right Here Waiting For Elaprase

It's very difficult to imagine when you have a child inflicted with MPS II (Hunter Syndrome), waited for the past 5 years for the treatment and till today still waiting. Watching your own child getting worsen everyday is truely the saddest matter in the world.
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Charity Night of MLDA 2012

Sharing Snap shot video on MLDA Charity Night in 9th Nov 2012, thanks to all the donors and supporters for MLDA!
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Dutch Lady of 2012 ~ Maryze Schoneveld Vd Linde

This video is to support pompe patients in Netherland that Myozyme/Lumizyme are really life saving drugs, that this is the only hope for them to survive and stopping the treatment is no different by slaughtering them alive. On humanitarian basis this is totally unacceptable as civilization of human is always progressing ahead and never moving backwards.

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